Desert Flour

A 20-Something's Musings on Life, Love and Faith


Welcome to my Desert Flour blog!

The creation of this blog really came from a sentiment best described as:

“Long patience and application saturated with your heart’s blood—you will either write or you will not—and the only way to find out whether you will or not is to try.”
—Jim Tully, WD

I love to write — but after moving on from my dream of being a writer to pursuing a career in Psychology, it is still a passion I want to keep in practice. So here I shall try to write and share about life, love, faith and the current happenings in my corner of the world.

Three main reasons for choosing the name “Desert Flour”
1 — I live in a high desert.
2 — I am failing at learning how to cook without the constant aid of a microwave.
3 — I like terrible puns.

 Things you will regularly hear about on this blog:
1 — Faith, Church, Mission, Etc. — I belong to an active young adult ministry group and a Presbyterian Church.
2 — Work in Psychology Research — I study ethics and people and the mind and find it fascinating, so expect me to share some of those awesome happenings with you.
3 — Food. — Witness my cooking journey as I continue to experiment with new recipes, to try and cook healthy foods and not starve my husband (<3)
4 — Family! — My little immediate family is the Hubs and our kitty, Haruhi! (Oliver to everyone else..) But my two sisters, parents, and in laws may also make some appearances.


Chubby Haru hanging out of his bed


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